5. Dezember

Hello 🙂
[Nächste Geschichte auf deutsch am 6.]

Todays short story is written by the amazing Nnedi Okorafur.
Nnedi Okorafor is an award-winning writer of science fiction and fantasy for both children and adults. The more specific terms for her works are africanfuturism and africanjujuism.

I first encountered her through Binti – a fantastic collection of novellas following Binti, a young girl leaving her family to go into space and study and become a remarkable student, also due to the adventures and obstacles she has to overcome during her journey.

But, today, I present to you her short story „Africanfuturist 419“ -a story about a Nigerian astronaut left behind at a space station.

Published online at Clarkesworld – a Magazine for Science Fiction and Fantasy, published monthly since 2006.
The website itself offers an audio version of the story too. So you can decide if you’d rather read or listen to it. The audio potion is read by Nollywood director/actor Tchidi Chikere.

As always: enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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