Margaret Cho rocks

I am not really sure, what I think about social media. I work with it a lot and have several accounts all over the place.
The bad side of this sphere is that it sucks in time like we breath air. Once I’m locked into FB for example hours can go by. So I started looking more often to the clock on purpose, just to keep track of time a little better.
The good side that comes with it, is that recommendations of friends I have often bring joy and wonderful knowledge. Like today. I just followed a link about a tour add for Margaret Cho. I followed mainly cause I know I share musical and theatrical taste with the woman posting it. And now i am simply in love. Margaret Cho, for all of you who don’t know her, is an American comedian. I don’t know, how she would label herself, but I think she’s a bad ass feminist and what a wonderful one.
How she such an impact? The video on youtube i saw was an interview with her. It took place after Karl Lagerfeld had made his comment about the singer Adele being to fat. Apparently Margaret had written a response to that, talking about what a serious condition anorexia is. And she said, even though he said he is sorry, she doesn’t care, as long as he still is creating fashion for thin girls, nothing changed.
And later on in the same interview is a statement I also really like, she is talking about being angry at some people insulting her and that there is this saying ‚rise above it‘ and she saying how she’s not gonna be the better person but rather allowing herself to be angry at them. And I so agree, it is ok to not be the better person if someone is an asshole to you. It is ok to get really angry at them.
Why should women have to cope with bullshit and be the better person, when asshole don’t? Anger is a very positive response to someone treating you badly.
I know that I have to work on it.
I was raised to be nice and polite. And very often I am so polite that I stay nice even though someone is a fucking macho fucker and i still feel like I have to smile and keep the good mood up.
There where so many times, when I was angry, tried to tell men in a calm way to stop what they where saying, trying to do that without freaking out and even then was told not to be the party pooper.
while what was actually going on is that the male asshole in front of me was insulting me so that I had to show them a line they shouldn’t cross and they mostly even tried to cross it anyway, pushing my boundaries all evening long. So yes, I agree with Margaret that being angry and seeking revenge and letting it all out are positive reactions.
Wooow, my mind wandered of a bit 🙂
Ending statement: go Cho! <3

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